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  • Best foods for glowing and healthy skin

    Good, healthy skin is a delightful canvas for any makeup artist. But splurge all you want on dream creams and lotion potions - the best way to get glowing is to feed your skin from within.

  • How to prevent skin allergies

    Skin allergies can be downright uncomfortable and can also affect your appearance. However, you don’t have to worry about the minor skin allergies as they get better on their own.

  • Treatment methods of pigmentation

    Excess production of melanin by skin cells lead to skin problems like pigmentation. The change in the colour of skin often appears on the face as blotches or the complete face may turn darker or lighter than the original skin tone.

  • How to care for oily skin in monsoons

    Monsoon brings joy and provides relief from the scorching heat but it may not turn out to be so fun for people who have oily skin. Watch this video to know the skin care tips for oily skin in monsoon.

  • 6 ways to get a perfectly glowing skin

    Who doesn’t want a perfect glow? Indeed the fact cannot be ignored that people do wish to have perfect glow. Some people take help of parlors and salons; spend a fortune to get a perfectly glowing skin.

  • Reasons for dandruff on eyebrows and eyelashes

    Dandruff is not a very uncommon issue. Every second person suffers from dandruff. No matter what the weather is, what sort of hair quality you have, dandruff is something that can happen to anyone. Dandruff on head is usually occurring when one has a very dry scalp.

  • Great tips for silky smooth skin

    Everyone wants silky smooth skin to get a beautiful look. Silky smooth skin has an amazing feel to it, and is extremely sensual and sexy. Not only do you look sexy, you feel it too. Most of us have no idea how to get that desired soft and silky skin.

  • How to suppress pimples

    Breakouts on the skin are a bane to any oily-skinned beauty, especially if there is an event coming up on the calendar. With there being no dearth of information on how a pimple can be hidden from sight, it becomes a daunting dilemma to even try any of them.

  • How to moisturize skin naturally

    Get Effective and proven homemade facials and moisturizers. Take honey and apply it on your face. Keep it there for around 15 minutes and then wash it off with water. Here are some more tips to prepare moisturizer at home.

  • Skin Care Tips for Pregnant Women

    During pregnancy women go through a lot of changes. Skin is the most sensitive to suffer, especially due to hormonal influx which results in changes in skin outside. Therefore, it is very important to take care of your skin.

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