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  • Obesity Problems in Pets

    Obesity is one the most common problems that occurs in pets due to the type of the food (high in calorific value) are given to them. If the pet is unable to channelize these calories, it might result in obesity or other major problems in heart or kidneys.

  • Pets First Aid Kit While Travelling

    Wandering what are the important points to remember during the travel along with your pet. Always make sure the pet is empty stomach while traveling. In case the pet vomits during the travel, don't forget to give him medicine.

  • Suggestions on pet food safety

    Pet food safety is an important factor to keep your pet healthy and fit. Several pet food available in the market which are made from preservatives,called Tocopherols have a very small shelf life. Consult an animal doctor to know the right food for your pet.

  • Winter Health Tips for Pets

    If you have any query regarding the health of your pet during different seasons. Dr. Ajay Guliani is here to help you out. During winter season, it is advisable not to take your pet on a early morning walk or late in the evenings as the cold could affect the health of your pet.

  • Veterinary Medicine in India

    In early days when veterinary medication was not available, homemade remedies were used to treat pets. However, since the time has changed there are about 40-50 veterinary colleges in India, where people are being taught about the veterinary medicine.

  • Relationship Between Household Staffs and Pets

    Wondering how to take care of your lovely pet? Dr. Ajay Guliani, Veterinary Surgeon, tells us the important things that you should be aware of about your pet's health.

  • How to Take Care of Older Dogs

    Caring for older dogs - After the age of 8 or 9, dogs are considered old. A dog's lifespan is around 16 years. Therefore, you must know how to efficiently care for your older pet.

  • How To Protect Pets From Hazardous Products

    Protecting Pets from Hazardous Household Products - There are many household products that need to be kept away from pets. For example, excessive chocolate can lead to poisoning in pets. Again medicines such as ibufren can prove detrimental for your pet's health.

  • Importance of Vaccination of Pets

    Importance of Vaccination of Pets - The Vaccination of pets is a very crucial aspect of pet health. Make sure that in case you have adopted a pup you go in for post-pet counselling. Usually the first vaccination of a pet is given at 4 weeks.

  • How to Handle Loss of Appetite among Pets

    Loss of Appetite among Pets - Pets can experience loss of appetite. This loss of appetite can be due to many problems such as fever, loose motions or even a major problem such as a hepatitis. Make sure that you consult your vet if your pet is suffering from poor appetite.

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