Natural ways to whiten teeth

Date: 2016-04-19
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Poor hygiene conditions, certain foods and medication lead to staining of teeth. To remove the yellow stain from your teeth, we suggest numerous ways to achieve brighter, whiter teeth. This is an effective remedy to remove those yellow plaque deposits from teeth. Mix baking soda with adequate amount of lemon juice and apply it using toothbrush on your teeth. Leave this for about one minute and then rinse with water. Avoid the contact of baking soda with lips and tongue as it may cause abrasion. Another remedy to clean your stained teeth is by using coconut oil. Before brushing, rinse your mouth with coconut oil. Push and pull the oil around and between the teeth for 10-15 minutes. Spit the oil and rinse your mouth properly with water to remove traces of oil. Rubbing the inner side of orange peel over your teeth regularly is also recommended by experts to enjoy whiter teeth. For this rub the fresh orange peel over your teeth and leave overnight. Antimicrobial properties of this peel not only whiten teeth but also prevent tooth decay.
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