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  • Best ways to do your makeup flawlessly

    If you think you aren't a pro at doing makeup, well you're not the only one. A lot of girls are scared to do their makeup. But it is not such a big deal. You surely can achieve a flawless look.

  • How to get ombre lips

    Not all of us have enough time in the morning for makeup,especially lips. There are plenty of ways you can get gorgeous looking lips in less than 10 minutes or less. Here is one of the ways you can put lip makeup in no time.

  • Smokey eye look part - 2

    A matte smokey eye is always gorgeous and flattering, and this step-by-step video with Vidya Tikari makes it simple to achieve. A deep purple smokey eye never goes out of style. It amps your look up and makes you look hotter.

  • Smokey eye look part - 1

    If you love giving your eyes a nicer look, you must have already tried to get the smokey eye. However, it's not all that easy to get the perfect smokey eyes, especially in summer.

  • How to get the no makeup look part - 2

    Looking beautiful without appearing to be wearing any makeup is what every woman is trying to achieve. And to get the perfect no-makeup look we told you what to start with in the previous video. Start with applying BB cream in your face, especially on spots and pimples.

  • How to get the no makeup look part - 1

    Everyone wants to be beautiful and nothing feels better than being naturally beautiful. However, makeup plays a crucial role in highlighting your facial features and enhancing the nice nice parts.

  • No makeup look eye and lip makeup

    Applying the perfect makeup can make a huge difference to your look and the overall personality. However, it doesn't mean that you would have to apply too much of makeup.

  • How to apply a blusher

    A nice blusher can help you stimulate the natural glow on your face and also amplify the facial structure or change the appearance of the shape. Blush should be subtle and work with rest of the make up. Blush may come as a cream, gel, or powder.

  • How to use a highlighter

    Highlighter is something which can impart a little bit of life into your looks as it enhances your features. There is a large variety of highlighter available in the market. You can use liquid, cream, powder or glossy highlighter.

  • How to set foundation with loose powder

    The main purpose of loose powder is to help the foundation and concealer get set so that they last longer, usually all day long. However you do not need to wear too much of it as it can make your skin dry, only a little dusting would do.

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