happiness videos

  • How to have more confidence

    A person with self confidence is willing to take risks to achieve their professional as well personal goals. They like to think positive about the future.

  • How to be always happy

    Being happy is one of the best state to be in but not many people know the secret to be happy. Watch video to know.

  • Why walking is great for your health

    When you are looking for workouts that can be beneficial for your health, walking and running would always top the list. People are going through such a hectic and messed up schedule that going to gym is nearly impossible.

  • Fascinating lifestyle of Virat kohli

    Rose to fame in 2008 with his captaincy for Indian world cup under – 19 in Malaysia, Virat Kohli was right away played in Twenty20 tournament – the Indian T20 league in 2008 itself and from that point onwards is a part of Bangalore franchise.

  • Enjoy this rainy season without falling sick

    Monsoon has arrived and your heart is already singing. Isn’t it? When it starts to pour, you get tempted to run outside and enjoy the rain, but getting drenched is fun but it also increases your risk of falling sick, especially if your immune system is not that strong.

  • Ways to protect yourself from dangerous monsoon pests

    Monsoon is undoubtedly the most awaited season. It comes with a lot of good and bad things. While it provides relief from the distressing summers and brings happiness and joy but it also brings a lot of pests too.

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