Gram flour (besan) face pack for different skin types

Date: 2016-06-29
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Isn’t it becoming an uphill task to get beauty? Yes, with such a polluted environment and such an unhealthy lifestyle, having a perfect skin is a far-fetched thought. We do not have a healthy diet, we have a much messed up sleeping pattern, and we do not take care of ourselves enough to have a great health. As it is said, beauty comes from within. When you are healthy from inside, you will look beautiful on outside but still if you are not able to have a healthy lifestyle because of your busy schedule, you can try to conquer the beauty part by trying a few effective home remedies, using Gram flour. Yes, a very common thing that is found in Indian kitchens can help you get a great skin. Gram flour is also known as besan and can help you get a perfect skin. Gram flour aka besan, mixed with few other things, can offer you a great skin. If you have a dry skin, mix the besan with milk and a pinch of turmeric powder and apply it on your face to cure the dryness. If you have an oily skin, mix besan in curd and rose water and apply the paste to get rid of the oily skin. If you wish to remove tanning, mix the besan in 4 grounded almonds, milk and lemon juice, apply this pack and you will see the difference. Suffering from acne? Mix besan with sandalwood powder, turmeric and milk, apply the paste twice in a week. You should not have open pores; mix some besan in cucumber juice and apply the pack to close the pores. You can even remove unwanted hair with besan, just mix it with water and lemon juice and rub your skin with it. Now, when you are looking for something beneficial for skin, besan is what you need to look up to.
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