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  • Yogasanas you must try for smooth and silky hair

    Hair problems such as hair fall and brittle hair have become very common beauty problems but still women all around the world are trying to find a cure for them.

  • Stay young with these 4 Yoga asanas

    A pair of comfortable yoga pants, just a few simple yoga asanas and the comfort of your own home is enough to stay younger for a longer period of time. Yes, some yoga poses were specially devised to help you stay younger.

  • Yoga poses to boost your mood in minutes

    What if you could just bounce back to your happy mode in just minutes? These yoga poses will help you boost your mood in just minutes.

  • Easy yoga postures to fight anxiety and stress in your daily life

    There are numerous things which you encounter in your daily life that can make you anxious and tensed. Do not worry! We have come some yoga postures which will help you fight all the stress and depression and will make you ready to face life.

  • Fat-burning yoga asanas you can do in 10 minutes

    Practicing yoga is great for your mind and soul and is also an exercise that helps burn fat fast. Take a look at the easy yoga moves that you can do in 10 minutes.

  • Things no one tells you about starting yoga

    Yoga is an ancient form of alternative medicine that has origins in India. While everyone tells you to do yoga, no one tells you about these things that come with starting it.

  • Fight cellulite fast with these yoga poses

    Worried about cellulite? Seek help from yoga to quickly get rid of the unsightly fat. Here are some effective yoga poses you can try.

  • 5 Yoga poses that seniors can do in a chair

    Yoga has so much to offer that almost everybody can get healthy by adding it to their lifestyle. When no exercise seems to be safe and doable, here is how seniors can stay healthy with Yoga without.

  • Yoga poses that can treat bloating

    Yoga is so amazing that it has a lot to offer for your overall health. Here is how yoga can help you get rid of bloating.

  • Yoga can cause injuries too

    Not all are born with the skills to perfect Yoga poses; it takes a lot of practice to get to the level of a yoga expert. Here are some common yoga mistakes people make.

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