Why women should get married before 35

Oct 21, 2016

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    A family before 35

    “Age is just a number” and how true is this phrase? Well, depends upon the context. This phrase almost fades away when you are talking age. When we are in our early 20s, we focus on living life to the fullest, the moment we hit our late 20s, the reality dawns upon us that maybe we should get some more time to achieve like we planned and soon we are in our early 30s.

    When you are a woman, you must plan things ahead like having a family, maybe?! Yes, it is advisable for women to start a family before thirty-five. Read on to know why.

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    Mental peace

    Women tend to get more anxious as compared to men. Just anxiety isn’t the only problem, this anxiety often leads to worries, negative ideas, obsessive thoughts and these troubles only rise if women are unhappy and are not satisfied with their lives. The real solace comes from having someone special. Yes, a companion is what people really need whether man or a woman. Starting a family before 35 gives you enough mental peace because you have money, most probably a stable career and a family will complete the picture.

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    Best time to give birth

    If we consider biological grounds, when you are in your twenties you are in your best physical form to give birth. The fact cannot be ignored that giving birth is not at all easy. Early and mid twenties are a woman’s peak time to conceive a child without going through any birth time complications. After 30, it becomes slightly tough for women to conceive and chances of suffering a miscarriage heighten.

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    Enough time to see your family flourish

    Women focused on their career, do not get enough time to focus on any other thing apart from their career, which is a great thing if you there is no plan of starting a family but if you have even the slightest of desire to start a family, to have kids, starting in early or mid 20s is the right time as you will have plenty of time to see them flourish. When you start early, you get to see and cherish the growth of your family early while you still have physical, mental and emotional strength.

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    A better career

    When you start a family in your 20s, you have enough time at hand to make a career. Of course, it won’t make sense to single career oriented ladies but when you have a family and you work towards your career goals, you have an additional aim to provide your family better. You know you have to earn better, you have to reach higher.

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