Weight Training For Beginners

Jun 25, 2013

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    General Terms

    Repetition: One complete motion of an exercise.Set: A group of consecutive repetitions.Overload: Placing greater stress on the muscles than what they are used to.Concentric Muscle Contraction: The shortening/bulging of the muscle.Eccentric Muscle Contraction: The lengthening of the muscle.Isolated Exercises:  Try exercises that target a specific muscle involving one joint movement.Compound Exercises: Exercises that target multiple muscles across the body­-more than one joint.

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    Preparing for the Workout

    Before you head to the gym make sure you-

    Put on some comfortable workout clothes and shoes
    Schedule enough time for your workout
    Fill up a water bottle
    Carry a small duffle bag/drawstring bag
    Take along your favorite music. Your portable music device, of music motivates you.


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    A warm up session is recommended before working out. There are a couple of ways you can warm-up for weight training. Take a steady jog on the treadmill for 5-7 minutes or preferably perform 2-3 light sets of the exercise from the work out session

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    Now that you are ready, start with dimple weight training exercises like bench press, squats, dips, pull ups, rows, bicep curls, leg curls, lateral dumbbell raises. However, make sure you do everything right and avoid stressing yourself. Don’t rush repetitions and drink water throughout the workout.

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    Incline Dumbbell Press Exercise

    Always being this exercise with a 'warm-up set', doing about 15 - 20 reps with a light weight.  With dumbbells you have the advantage of lowering the weight on the sides of your body below the level of your chest which will stretch and stress your chest a little more.

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    Incline Dumbell Flyes Exercise

    With arms slightly bent at the elbows, lie on an inclined bench, Slowly lower the dumbbells to your sides in a semi- circle when you feel a stretch in the chest, try to pull/push the weight up until the dumbbells meet.


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    Place your hands on the floor so they are in line with your chest. Your arms should form a right angle to the body.  Now, lower your body so that your head comes one or two inches from touching the floor. Avoid touching the knees on the ground.Women can start with knees bending.

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    Dumbbell Curl Exercise

    Start by having your arms resting on the sides of your body with wrists neutral and facing each other. As you bring one dumbbell up to your shoulder, start rotating your wrist inward. By the time the dumbbell approaches your shoulder, the dumbbell should be facing up. You can squeeze out a peak contraction at the top and then reverse the movement so that at the bottom your wrist is neutral again. Then, perform the same exact movement with the other arm. Keep alternating for the duration of the set.

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    Leg Press Excercise

    Squeeze your glutens and keep them tight as you press the weight up, adding extra tension. As you press and lower the weight, be sure that your knees are in line with your toes. Never lock out your legs at the top of each rep, always have a slight bend in your leg. Locking out will cause damage to your knees.

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    Cable Rows

    To get as much of your lats involved as possible, pull the weight toward your stomach (try to keep it low). Concentrate on your back and make sure not to swing back and forth, which will work your lower back. Stay upright, you may tilt back slightly. As you pull the weight close, focus on squeezing your shoulder blades together