Surprising Health Benefits of Acupressure

Oct 20, 2014

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    Acupressure for Better Health

    When it comes to staying fit, many of us believe in rendering help from medications and from our gym instructor. But, sometimes things are much simpler than we think them to be and this is when acupressure comes into play. To stay fit using acupressure, all you need to do is get your facts straight about the therapy. Here we offer help to make you aware of the health benefits acupressure can give you.

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    Strong Eyes

    Sitting in front of the computer screen for long hours can strain your eyes and harm your eyesight. When you get an acupressure therapy, some pressure points are relaxed that can de-stress the eyes. With your middle and index finger placed together, gently apply pressure on the ridge of the eyebrows.

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    Healthy Heart

    Acupressure can keep your heart functioning properly. So, one of the easiest points to stimulate your heart is called the Mind Door. The point is located at the crease of your hand, exactly where the palm ends and forearm begins. The Mind Door is located along the line of your little finger inside a tiny depression on the inner edge of the arm.

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    Healthy Kidneys

    Kidneys are vital organs needed to remove toxins from the body. To keep the kidneys healthy, KID3 point or the kidney point in the body must be stimulated. Stimulation of this point helps in detoxifying the body and strengthening the kidneys.

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    Healthy Liver

    In order to keep the liver functioning properly, all you need to do is apply pressure on one point. This is called the Liver point and is found between the big toe and second toe.

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    Healthy Reproductive System

    To keep the reproductive system healthy, applying pressure to point CV6 is important. Place two fingers below the center of the belly button and apply pressure. This will help you strengthen the reproductive system and genitourinary system.

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    Healthy Immune System

    If diseases like common cold, flu and other communicable diseases are recurrent for you, it is important to strengthen your immunity system. Apply pressure on the point located at the back of your leg just above the crease of your heel.

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    Fights Headache

    Headaches are common and can catch you off guard at any given point of the day. To get rid of the pain most of us pop pills or apply medicinal ointments. But, another useful and natural way to fight headache can be acupressure. The point of the third eye is the spot to relieve headache.

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