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  • Yoga poses for better sex

    Yoga has proven to be very effective for healthy living. It can rejuvenate you, refresh your mood and make you more active. Apart so many health benefits yoga can also improve your sex life.

  • Body Changes in the 2nd Trimester of Pregnancy

    Pregnancy brings about a lot of changes in the body.

  • 7 Drugs that can be killing your sex drive

    While few drugs are popularly used to perform better between the sheets, there are some medicines that can kill your sex drive. Here is a list of the major culprits.

  • 8 Foods That Cause Impotence

    Ever wonder if the food you have can have a say in your sexual health? Unfortunately, some foods can increase the risk of ED or impotency in men. Choose your food wisely for your overall health and a happy sexual life.

  • Know How Sex affects Your Body in 10 Ways

    Having sex is not only about pleasure. It has numerous effects on our body and overall health.

  • Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome:Causes & Treatment

    Wondering what testosterone deficiency may look like and what may cause it? These are some common causes and symptoms of the syndrome that can affect a man a lot.

  • Know all about Priapism

    Experienced unwanted persistent erections lately but don’t know what has caused it? It may be priapism, a condition causing such erections. Here is everything you need to know about priapism in a quick glance.

  • Myths About Female Sexuality and Why They're Wrong

    Think you know all about female sexuality? While you may think you know a lot, there is a possibility that you really don't know much. Such myths not only make it hard to understand a woman but they may also pose risks to healthy relationships.

  • Sexual Hygiene to be Followed at all times

    Hygiene is crucial for a healthy lifestyle, so is sexual hygiene. Your genitals are much more sensitive and prone to infections than other parts of the body. Proper sexual hygiene can help avoid several problems.

  • Know What’s Busting your Libido

    While you kept wondering about the reason behind your not so enjoyable sex life, the culprit was right their next to you. You must identify it at the earliest in order to add some excitement between the sheets.

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