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  • 5 Signs you have been dating someone for too long

    You have lost counts of your fights; you are used to his or her crazy antics, you know each other way better than themselves, you have seen each other’s highs and lows, you still haven’t tied the knot but you are already acting like married couple, may be because you have been with each other, since you don’t know when.

  • 10 Awesome non-cheesy valentine's day ideas

    Stuffing your Valentine’s Day with all the sentimental stuff is for a usual couple. But, if you are not those lovey-dovey kinds here are some not-so mushy yet, fun ideas for your Valentine’s Day.

  • Reasons you should date someone who travels

    If you are looking to date someone, date someone who loves travelling. Besides the countless travel benefits, they will bring out a better version of you.

  • Awesome reasons to date a beach lover

    The prime reason to date a beach lover is his love for the calm blue sea. There is no need of dating tips for a beach lover; as they are all set with dating ideas with beach in them.

  • Incredible reasons why bossy women make amazing wives

    Times have changed! Women are no longer confined to their homes, hiding their faces, keeping their voices unheard. They have become smart, intelligent, aware, educated and independent. But, most people think that independent women can’t make amazing wives.

  • How to Greet a Girl

    Your handbook for greeting women in accordance to the time and the place and the kind of relationship you share with her!

  • Solve the Mystery:Things that Make Women Keep Distance from you

    Yellow teeth, sweaty body and your creepy talks can make a woman stay yards away from you. And, while you do your best to get closer, she still may not be interested in you at all. Know the mystery behind the cold shoulder.

  • Tips to Approach the One you have been Eyeing for

    When there is a stranger you are eyeing across the hallway, getting rejected is not even the last thing you hope for. And, to not be let down, here are some useful tips.

  • Take Your Girl Out on These Inexpensive yet Fun Dates

    Here are 10 financially responsible date ideas for when you’re short on cash.

  • 8 Sweet Little Ways to Tell a Girl She’s Gorgeous

    Holding her gently and looking deep into her eyes and telling her how beautiful she is will mean a world to her. Telling her how gorgeous she is can be the best gift ever for a woman. So, here is how you can master the art.

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