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  • Talking about healthy living with your kid

    Kids pick habits of parents – both good and bad. Parents need to focus on inculcating moral values, civic codes and healthy living in our children.

  • 8 Tips to stop nail-biting in children

    Do you often see your child biting nails? Nail biting in children, medically referred to as onychopagia, is one of the most common habits that are difficult to break unless there is right intervention.

  • Things only a girl growing up with a single mom will know

    Things only a girl growing up with a single mom will know If you are a girl and growing up with a single mom, you are having a ball. Well, having a single mother calls for its own set of adventures and joyous times.

  • Things you did not know about twins

    Birth of twin children is rather miraculous. Whenever there is a pair of exactly lookalike is born, the level of excitement and joy is always incomparable. However, there are some myths related to twins, some are true while some are not.

  • 5 Myths about childcare no parent should believe

    When it comes to childcare, you might be concerned about whether what you're doing is really the right thing or not. Take a look at certain common myths about childcare to separate fact from fiction.

  • 5 Reasons why having grandparents is good for you

    Grandparents often step in as caregivers for parents who are unable to raise children because of work or other reasons. Here’s how grandparents have amazingly huge benefits for children.

  • 5 Ways to teach children to be eco-conscious

    Weather good or bad, habits from early age can stick to us like a glue stick. It is best to ingest healthy eco-friendly habits from a young age. Here are some steps on how you can do it.

  • Wonderful things you should thank your dad for

    Appreciating what your father has done for you is usually forgotten quickly. But, the best part about fathers is that unlike any other relationship, distance and mistakes do not prevent them from loving their child selflessly.

  • 7 Things you shouldn’t say to your child

    The power of tongue needs to be tamed. When it comes to your kids, not being careful with your words can do a lot of damage. To avoid that, here are seven things you should never say to your kids.

  • 8 Fun exercise activities for kids

    To get your child to leave electronic gadgets for a fun-filled exercise session with you is a task. Or perhaps your idea of exercise is too boring. What you need are these 8 fun exercise activities for kids.

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