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  • Keeping Heart and Kidneys Healthy

    The heart and kidneys are our body’s powerhouses. These help pump blood, filter waste and perform many other vital functions. If you take care of your heart and kidneys, your body will give you a heartfelt thank you.

  • 5 Amazing superhuman things your body can do

    Brain is an amazing organ. Here are some of the most unbelievable things your brain can do.

  • Best Yoga Poses For Weight Loss

    Trying to lose weight with chemicals our heavy exercise regimes? Well you need to try the power of yoga that can help you lose weight in the comfort of your home. These yoga poses that can help you get leaner and healthier.

  • Get Desired Facial Features with these Simple Yoga Techniques for Face

    Who doesn't desire a perfect jawline and radiant skin? But, none of us want to go under the knife or invest in expensive cosmetics. The good news is that with simple yoga techniques, you can attain your desired facial features without even shelling out a single penny.

  • 5 Things you Must Avoid While Starting a New Diet

    One has to be smart and patient when it comes to incorporating changes in life, even if they're related to your diet and workouts.

  • Never Do These 5 Exercises If You are Trying to Lose Weight

    Did you know that performing some exercises can be a total waste of time when it comes to losing weight? Here are some exercises you should never do if you are trying to lose weight.

  • Signs that your core muscles are weak

    Do you know the lower back along with glutes and hips play role in your core strength? Any weakness in these muscles can lead to number of problems.

  • 5 Gym Exercises are Useless When not Done in Right Way

    People are already have a tight schedule with no time to workout, who has spare time for exercises that have almost no effect? Yes, there are many exercises that give somewhat zero results when done in a wrong way.

  • 10 Things Everyone Should Know About Yoga

    The practice of yoga renders many mental as well as physical benefits. Here are 10 things about yoga that everyone should know.

  • Stay Young with These 4 Yoga Asanas

    A pair of comfortable yoga pants, just a few simple yoga asanas and the comfort of your own home is enough to stay younger for a longer period of time. Yes, some yoga poses were specially devised to help you stay younger.

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