Eat eggs, blueberries and almonds for stronger nail and healthy hair

May 16, 2017

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    Blueberries contain antioxdants that help protect your body’s cells against the free radical damage. The free radical damage increases production of stress hormones and inflammation which impacts all cells in the body, including the ones present in the hair and nails. So including blueberries in your diet will help you have healthy hair and stronger nails. Image source : Getty

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    One of the healthiest nuts, almonds are loaded with protein and magnesium which help maintain healthy hair and nails. Besides, magnesium plays a vital role in reducing stress, which is one of the common causes of hair loss. If you notice vertical ridges in your nails, it indicates that you’ve deficiancy of magneiusm. You can also obtain magnesium through leafy vegetables and soy beans. Image source : Getty

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    Studies have shown that vitamin D is linked with hair loss. According to a study published in Skin Pharmacology Physiology, women who had lower vitamin D levels than shed more hair than women who had included vitamin D in their diet. Besides, milk contains calcium, which is a key mineral in building healthy hair and stronger nails. Image source : Getty

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    Apart from having a good content of protein and vitamin D and eggs also contain biotin, a B-complex vitamin, which plays a crucial role in the development of keratin. Image source : Getty