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  • Amazing ways you can enjoy your ice-cream this summer

    Summers are the best excuse to have the treat of scrumptious and refreshing ice-cream. Let us teach you the coolest ways to enjoy your ice-creams this summer.

  • Five instant refreshing tea recipes for you

    And the summers are just round the corner, the times when you urge to have everything cool and refreshing. Does it mean quitting your tea? No, not exactly. If not your usual hot cup, you surely can try these five instant refreshing tea recipes this summer.

  • 10 New Recipes with Green Tea

    One doesn’t need to drink green tea only the traditional way to reap its health benefits. You can easily add it to your daily food with these new and innovative recipes.

  • Chill Your Summers with Refreshing Mango Drink Recipes

    To make your summers more delicious, icy, refreshing and wholesome, try our amazing mango drink recipes.

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