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  • Hacks to protect your hair before going for a swim

    Swimming is one of the best exercise out there, but if you are going for a dip in the traditional chlorinated swimming pools, your hair need protection. Here are some hacks to save your lovely locks from the harmful chlorine.

  • Home Remedies for Hair Growth

    Every girl wants to have nice hair and nothing look that good on you when your hair don't look good. Try there amazing home remedies for hair growth to get healthy hair with better volume.

  • Learn how to pull off middle parting hairstyle in style

    Love middle parting hairstyles but don't know how to get one? Read more to know how you can pull one off easily.

  • How to prevent infection in your scalp

    Scalp infection is quite common and it may often get very discomforting and harmful for the scalp as well as the hair. Learn how you can easily prevent scalp from getting infection.

  • 4 Easy ways to style long hair

    Forget the pixie, bobs and lobs; long hair never goes out of style. Here are some interesting ways to style your long tresses.

  • 4 Hair colour mistakes that make you look older

    Did you know that wrong hair colour can age you? Let’s look at some most common hair mistakes that can make you look older.

  • Easy ways to humidity-proof your hair

    Monsoon is here and along with warm fritters and long drives come the not so great things like frizz. Fortunately, there are easy ways to humidity-proof your hair so you don’t have to worry about how it looks all day.

  • 7 Most effective ways to keep scalp clean during summer

    Just like your skin, your scalp needs to be kept clean and healthy during summers. The good news is that there are a lot of effective ways to limit the damage and help retain the shine of your mane.

  • Foods that fight gray hair

    Have you been on a strenuous hunt for a diet that could supernaturally turn gray strands on your head into the color they used to be? Watching this slideshow will perhaps peace out your journey so far. We have compiled a list of foods that fight gray hair effectively.

  • 7 Easy Tips to Protect Your Hair from Humidity

    Don’t spend hours trying to make your hair look perfect and fight the frizz. We have brought to you some mastered tips for making your hair last on humid, rainy days.

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