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  • Don’t make these 5 mistakes, if you’ve constipation

    Usually three or less stools in a week is considered as constipation. It is a common problem, although a very uncomfortable one, which can also wreak havoc on your general health.

  • 5 Effective ways to treat bunion pain

    Bunions, the bony bumps that develop when the bones of the big toe get misaligned. The misalignment turns your big toe towards the second toe. It may either overlap the second toe or tuck below it, putting pressure on your big toe joint.

  • World AIDS day: Interesting Facts about HIV/AIDS

    HIV/AIDS is the fourth leading cause of deaths globally. Nearly 34 million people worldwide are affected by the deadly disease with a yearly increase of 2 million new cases. Despite of massive global efforts to find a solution to HIV/AIDS, this silent assassin remains incurable.

  • Why women should get married before 35

    When you are a woman, you must plan things ahead like having a family, maybe?! Yes, it is advisable for women to start a family before thirty-five.

  • 6 amazing things you didn’t know about sneezing

    Cold and flu, allergies and there are many reasons that can make you sneeze. Sneeze is a very common phenomenon; some people are loud and thunderous while some are comparatively gentle when they sneeze. It is just a reflex and we cannot control it.

  • 6 Common summer maladies and health issues anyone can face

    Although summers are fun with all the varieties of fruits and veggies, with all fun water rides and refreshing delicacies, summer is also the season to be scared of as it comes with some maladies that are annoying, unbearable and sometimes fatal.

  • 7 Reasons we should hug more

    Hugs are our gestures of love and admiration, but who knew they could contribute towards our health?! Yes, that’s right for seven amazing reasons. Go hug someone right now and do it more often.

  • 5 Signs your children are truly happy

    Childhood is the most cherished, best and careless stage of a human life. Here are some behavioral signs your kids are truly satisfied and happy.

  • 10 Important life lessons Dr APJ Abdul Kalam taught us

    He may not be with us today, but his words are etched for eternity. Let’s learn and share the pearls of his wisdom.

  • 7 Things That Women Should Never Be Sorry About

    Saying sorry is synonymous with women. They say sorry so many times that it often feels weird especially if you are at the receiving end. Sorry is a strong word that needs to be justly and rightly used.

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