5 Cute hairstyles that will help you stay and look cool this summer

May 26, 2017

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    Summer hairstyles

    Sometimes it gets so hot that I feel like chopping off my tresses. A bald head I think would be easy to manage in this hot weather, when you sweat all the time and are hot like anything but I seriously do not want to cut off my hair, so I came up with five hairstyles that not only make me look cute but help me stay cool during summers. You too can try out these hairstyles to look stylish along with staying cool.

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    Ponytails will always look classic, no matter what. And the best part is that ponytails can help you stay cool as the hair is not on your neck and letting your skin breath. However, some people find ponytails painful and not that comfortable; in that case, you can tie the ponytail with a loose hair rubber band. Yes, not necessarily you have to use a tight rubber band; you can use the loose ones available in market. Also, use the ones with light fabric.

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    Simple braid

    Braiding is one of the simplest and easiest hairstyles to attempt and carry during summers. Braids can be done in many styles, the regular three strand braids, French braids, the fishtail braids, milkmaid braids and many others. Braids again allow your neck to breathe, are easy to carry and manage in summers.

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    Pigtail braids

    Now, pigtail braids again are very easy to carry and manage during summers. Pigtails are perfect when you are going out on a hot summer day. Not only pigtails make you look cute, they help you stay cool during summer. You can definitely try around different styles of pigtail braids, such as French pigtail braid, Dutch braid pigtail, waterfall braid pigtail, fishtail braid pigtail and so on.

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    Top knot buns

    Now, top knot buns always win the day. You just grab your hair and tie up in a knot, as simple as that. Top knot buns are easily to attempt and even easier to carry. You can try messy top knots, which are in fashion or if you want a neat one, you can comb all your hair back and tie them neatly in a bun.

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    Side braids

    This one can be your optimum choice for a date. It is quite like the simple braid, you just do it sideways. This side braid is for the days where you want to look good and escape the summer heat.

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