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  • Things women should do to look taller

    Do you know that a few fashion mistakes and wrong body postures can affect your overall personality? Like making you look short and not so hot. Not kidding, there are few things that make you look short even if you are not that short.

  • Wear these 5 styles if you are too skinny

    Are you skinny enough to ruin almost every look? Jokes apart, if you are too skinny, there are very less styles that you can really pull-off. If you are too bony and want to look stylish, these few styles might help you out.

  • 10 Ways to get dirty this Valentine's Day

    If you really want to increase the level of excitement this Valentine's Day then make it dirty and hot.

  • Rules to being a well dressed dude

    For an impressive personality, being well-dressed is essential.

  • Wardrobe Changes Every Man should make to Appear Slimmer

    No matter what the occasion is, even men like to look good, which is directly related to looking slimmer. However, getting rid of extra weight on your body does not happen overnight. So, here are some changes that you can make in your wardrobe to look slimmer.

  • 7 Rules of Winter Layering for Men

    Winters are here and you’re already struggling to keep your wardrobe crisp, clean, and suave. The art of layering is the answer to all your problems of striking a perfect balance between neither being over the top nor too mellow. Learn how to master it.

  • Classic Items Essential to a Man’s Summer Wardrobe

    Here, we’ve selected the basics that should form the foundation of any successful summer wardrobe for men.

  • Best non boring black dresses from Oscars

    Now that orange is the new black, black is the new boring. But here are some awesome non boring black dresses that stole the show this Oscars.

  • 5 Amazing head band style ideas

    Accessorizing hair isn’t an easy job and it certainly requires efforts. However, if you know the right techniques, you can turn your hairstyle into a masterpiece.

  • Get a back that will rock backless dresses

    How in the world some women have that shiny, flawless and almost worth caressing back? Seriously, there are women with a back better than their faces but how? Well, a little effort and you too can have a back that can rock backless dresses or top in parties.

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