Avoid these Things when you Lose your Composure

May 09, 2014

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    Don't Let Anger Harm You. Or Others.

    On losing our composure, it happens quite naturally that we blow things out of proportion and say things which can hurt our near ones. This will not only spoil your mood but also make you incapable of performing your daily tasks. So, in order to have control over yourself again and avoid hurting people around, here are the few things you should never do when losing your temper.

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    Never Sleep Over it

    Just like your worries and troubles, you should never take your anger to bed. A study showed that sleep enhances memories especially emotional ones and if you sleep angry, your negative emotions will be reinforced.

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    Never Drive

    Driving while you are angry is a big no no. Many studies have shown that driving in anger puts one at a higher risk of having an accident.

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    Don’t Vent out the Anger

    If you thought venting out anger makes you feel better, here is a reality check for you. Studies have shown that people who hit a pillow in anger became angrier and were more likely to behave aggressively in the future too.

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  • 5

    Don’t Eat

    Many people when angry reach for high fat and sugary foods. This can have adverse effects on your health later. When you are angry, the body attains a state of emotions in which the digestion becomes weak. This may lead to diarrhea or constipation.

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    Stop Arguing

    While you are angry, most of the times you will end up saying things which you will regret later. Therefore, to save yourself from that you must end the argument and sort out things once you have again attained your composure.

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    Avoid Social Networking Sites to Display your Anger

    When you are angry, you should never express your anger on social networking sites. Things will be sorted between you and the person you had a fight with but once you have displayed your emotions publically, you can’t take them back.

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    Don’t Write E-Mails

    Try holding your emotions to yourself. Writing an e-mail to vent out your anger will be a cause of regret for you in future.

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    Don’t Consume Alcohol

    Having alcohol when you are angry can fume you further. It happens because alcohol removes the impulse control of your brain.

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    You Shouldn’t Ignore the Blood Pressure

    Anger increases the risk of a heart attack or a stroke in 2 hours after the outburst. If you are a high blood pressure patient, you must check your blood pressure level when you are angry in order to avoid any complications.

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  • 11

    Don’t Let Negative Thoughts Over-Power You

    Don’t keep thinking how the fight started or how a person has hurt you. If you do so, it will never let you forgive and forget. Negative thoughts are your biggest enemy when you are angry.

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